Supervision:  Whether you are getting ready to graduate from your educational institution, a new practitioner or seasoned provider you may benefit from private clinical supervision. We offer psychiatric clinical supervision for Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners. If you are fortunate enough to work in an agency or  hospital  it is likely that your employer will provide clinical supervision for you on site at no expense to you. However, there are circumstances where you may wish to seek your own clinical supervision. Some reasons include: working in private practice, increased support and mentoring. 

Professional Mentoring:  It can be difficult to fully grasp the task of opening a private practice in our ever changing healthcare field. Our businesses (The Loft at Cedarwood, PLLC and Psychiatric Wellness Center, PLLC) are women led by two Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and business owners. We offer professional mentoring to healthcare providers wishing to start a small business/private practice. No matter which stage of contemplation you are in, a consult or more hands on approach can help guide your business plan. Our goal is to guide while helping to establish your goals and transform your career in a way that will expand your business, ensure quality care and increase your overall professional happiness as you look into the future. We offer ongoing or one time consultation services as well as 1:1 mentoring. 

Pricing is subject to private practice rates.

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